Monday, December 1, 2014

What I Bought: November

J. Crew Silk Cami, Butter London Bobby Dazzler, M Missoni sunglasses

Knowing I had birthdays and Christmas shopping to do this month, there wasn't much that came home with me. I'm at a really good point with my closet right now and there's not much I need. The only thing I can really think of is a new nice jacket, but Santa's elves may have slipped up on that one. Instead of going out and buying clothes, I'm trying to really focus on finding ways to wear what I have. That's been a lot easier since it cooled off here and I can mix things up without overheating. 

J. Crew Silk Cami: originally $59.50, paid $25 (on sale + student discount)
I have a few of these already and love them to death. I wear them out, dressed up, dressed down, under a blazer or a sweater - they're some of the most versatile tops in my closet. I've been wanting a green one for a while, but I essentially refuse to pay full price for J.Crew anymore, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this the Monday before Thanksgiving. I think I need red next... (Still on sale online!)

Butter London Bobby Dazzler: originally $15, paid $2.60 (Nordstrom Rack clearance)
I love Butter London polish, but hate the price, so when I stumbled across this in the clearance section of Nordstrom Rack, there was no going back. I don't have many shiny polishes, and for $3.75 there was no way I was going to pass it up. I mainly wear neutrals, but this could make for some fun holiday manicures.

M Missoni sunglasses (unavailable, similar here): originally $205, paid $29.40 (Nordstrom Rack clearance)
Do I already own three pairs of high-end sunglasses? Yes. Did I need another pair? Absolutely not. Did I buy another pair? Duh. In my defense, these are big shaped pair I don't have anything like already, and they're lighter tinted, meaning I can actually drive in them. And I feel like a celebrity when I wear them. Or a bug. Maybe an alien. Worth it.

I also totally accidentally skipped October's budget, but essentially the only thing I bought was a pair of tall boots and twelve loofahs to create a poodle Halloween costume. So, exciting stuff.

November Retail Value: $269.50
Paid: $57.00
Saved: $212.5

Linking up with Fran and Budgeting Bloggers, here!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Losing a heart horse

I haven't written this post because I didn't know how - how do you say that you lost one of your best friends in the entire world? Is there any good way to publicly share that the horse who changed your life is gone?

November 5th, I was prepping to present a big project in my first class when mom called me from home to let me know Coorina was acting funny and they were going to go ahead and take her into the vet. I was concerned, but didn't think much of it - this was the princessiest of all mares, one who screamed colic every time she decided enough money hadn't spent on her recently. Went on about my day, texting mom for updates throughout. She seemed to stabilize and get better throughout the day, but they couldn't pinpoint what was wrong. I got home that evening, planning to study with a friend and get some work done in preparation for the next few busy weeks when I got the call that they'd lost her.

This was the horse who took me from a terrified nine year old post-horrific riding accident to my first all-arounds, to a state and zone championship, to the finals at the World Show. She was phenomenal in her own right - a reserve world champion pleasure horse - but she took care of me like she just knew. Knew that one bad move would set me back so far I might never recover. Four years after retirement, she's still one of the most successful halter horses in the state, with somewhere in the hundreds of open, youth and amateur halter points. Yet, one-dimensional she was not. The mare had points in everything from halter to hunt seat equitation and had even worked her share of cows. The last time I was on her was July, where she loped around like the true pleasure horse she was, slow legged and deep hocked in a halter and leadrope.

She's the momma to two beautiful babies, successful in their own right, and personality-twins to that sassy mare. They've got her delicate dished face, the one that fielded more questions of disbelief that she was not, is not, and will never be, in fact, half-Arab. Nina was so special, that when the great Peter Stone met her, he decided she needed to be a model. And a model she would be. I still run across Coorina's for sale every one in a while and I love knowing she's out there in people's collections.

Losing one of your heart horses is never easy, and not being able to say goodbye feels like a knife to the chest, but knowing she helped me become not just the rider I am today, but the person, is so special.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Make your own fall break

Life was good and grand and wonderful and happy. Then it was fall break where I did school and school and school and then it was back to school and then I wanted to die. Or crawl in a hole and sleep and cry and emotional eat. So instead, I went to Auburn.

And we tailgated and cheered and sang and danced and won and all was good again. Minus the 8 hour drive home, but you know, win some, lose some.

Perfect weekend away and now I'm knee-deep in school again. As in, I could work for 8 hours straight and still have work left. Ugh.

Two weeks, three days and an unspeakable number of projects stands between me and Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Theme: I like 'L' horses

I'm not much of a link-up person (minus budgeting bloggers, because someone has to keep my accountable for the reason I keep running out of hangers), but when I saw this one, it was too much fun. I love hearing where horse's names came from.

Lucy's registered name is Global News. Her sire is Hot News (by Mr. Norfleet) and her dam is Jody's King Rose. All of her siblings are 'News' horses - Fashion News, Prime Time News, Pretty Cool News, Spread The News, among others. If you follow APHA at all, Fashion News is the dam of Real Groovy, one of the standout hunt seat horses of the mid 2000s. 

It has been confusing on more than one occasion, due to the fact that I also have a best friend named Lucy and another good friend who has a dog named Lucy. It's not uncommon to hear reference to as 'horse-Lucy', 'friend-Lucy' or 'dog-Lucy'.  All my other friends know Lucy is just off limits for children at this point, because I can't handle it. Of course, as horses are prone to do, she also gets a number of other names, including Lucia (another best friend's name) and Lucille.

I actually don't know Macaroni or Lady's registered names, since I'm not showing or really even leasing them. They're just sort of my... projects. Whatever, I'll take it. They're horses, I'm horseless.

Lane's registered name is... Lane Stormer. Super exciting stuff there. I have a thing for 'L' horses I guess? He was also known as the 'Kindergarden Pony' all summer while he learned to be a regular horse. I miss having him around, he was so much fun and I wish I could horse-nap him and bring him to me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rain, rain go away...

The barn has been a bust since last Friday and it's killing me. Will it please just *insert sassy clap emoji* stop *clap* raining? Mac and Lady both live outside and the arena isn't covered, meaning when it rains for five days straight, riding ends up being a no-go. It's killing me, mainly because I really want to put some topline and muscle back on Mac and not riding is not helping that. Granted, I found plenty to keep me busy, but still.

Last Friday, I did finally buy new tall boots (more on that later) and they are beautiful... And currently only being broken-in around my house due to aforementioned weather. I'm about 83 seconds from wearing them to class because hello, I want to wear shiny new things, okay?! The ponies also got new Equifit boots, although they may end up only fitting Mac.

I rode both horses Friday. Macaroni was about as angelic as he could be, considering the 666 tattooed across his lip (...I kid mostly) including popping himself adorably over some of the baby jumps set in the arena. I'm still on a bit hunt for him before I feel totally comfortable with raising anything. He went decently well in a kimberwick sitting in the barn last week, but ugh, kimberwicks. He's just so strong and his freight train tendencies make my arms feel like they're about to come off. Just did a quick school on Lady. Her child was coming to take a lesson on her later that day (and canter for the first time off the lungeline!) so my entire ride consisted of my stirrups at 8 year old length. Hilarious, but fun, and I suddenly have so much more appreciation for my trainer who spent countless years getting on my youth horses to make them actually go already for baby legs.

The rest of the weekend was full of football (NO, I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT) and studying, because let's be real, that's all I do. Ride horses and go to grad school. School killed me this week, although that probably has more to do with the non-stop rain draining my motivation to do anything but stay in bed. The good news is today starts my fall break where I plan on riding, reading and decorating. Hallelujah.
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